"... If Snowshoe's ancestors, the Thai cats, the had been Kings' cats and kings among cats, the Snowshoe are their perfect successors. Without them the human world would be much poorer by one more marvel of feline beauty..." Krzysztof Zaród

The race of Snowshoe cats came into being In 1960 in one of American breeding farms which specialized In Siamese cats of the old type (Tai cats at prezent) In Philadelphia. The owner of in was Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty. An the farm, in one of the litter siamese cats with white marks on their paws were born, which excluded the cats from further breeding. However the owner crossed the cats from further with bicolour shorthdir american cats, which resulted in a perfect pattern of Snowshoe cats recognized up to this day. The pattern is understood in terms of the cats behaviour as well as their body and colouring, and it is a mixture of the patterns both races.

CH Sujym Alaskan Sky
GIC Nishna Mahaska
GIC Bismarck Lowansa of Nishna
Nishna Atalissa

Other people who played important parts in the development of the breeding of Snowshoe cats were Phylis Thomson, Georgia Kuhnell and Vikki Olander from the Furr-lo breeding in Norfolk, as well as Jim and Sue Hoffman, and Maia Sornson, whose Snowshoe male cat - Sujym Alaskan Sky - blue point (photo), was the first to have gained the Champion title. One of few Snowshoe male cats which was awarded the Grand Champion title in ACFA was Nishna Mahaska - seal point (photo). The first Snowshoe female cat which got the Grand Champion title in ACFA in 1990, was Bismack Lowansa of Nishna - seal point (photo). The cat with her daughter Nishna Atalissa - seal point (photo) gave birth to a lot of Snowshoe cats. The first Snowshoe female cat in blue point colouring, which gained in ACFA the Grand Champion title, was the cat from Caitlin Turner's breeding, Senasterm Pitty Pat of Nishna (photo).

The last Snowshoe female cat in blue point was the one of Nishna breeding, she started her career with the Champion title in ACFA and was called Nishna Super Mario - blue point (photo) . Hovever, the Snowshoe female cat which was repeatedly awardet the Grand Champion by ACFA and is recognized as the pattern of phenotypes and genotypes of Snowshoe race both in ACFA as well as other federations, is Nishna Bombalurina -seal point (photo).

CH Nishna's
Skimbleshanks of Karibs
CH Nishna Super Mario
CH Nishna Bombalurina

Another American breeding of Snowshoe cats, regarded one of the best ones in the world is Karib's Kats breeding - Lee Karibian from New York. The breeding has had a great number of Champions: - male cats : Champion Nishna's Skimbleshanks of Karibs - blue point (photo), Champion Candies Our Gang Spanky of Karibs - seal point (photo) , Champion Karibs Buddy Boy Am I Rich - seal point, and female cats: Champion Hippocrates Treasur of Karibs - seal point (photo) , Champion Karibs Jeweled Angelic Beauty - seal point (photo) , International Champion Karibs Roxanne - seal point (photo).

Other Snowshoe breeding being the best ones in the world are: South Pole - Lynne Pilny from Atlanta, the USA and Purr Prints - Ruth Little from Canada. The Snowshoe cats who found their new homes in Europe come from these two breeding.

CH Candies Our Gang
Spanky of Karibs
CH Hippocrates Tresur
of Karibs
CH Karibs Jeweled
Angelic Beauty
CH Karibs Roxanne

Regardless of the growing numbers of Snowshoe breeders, this beautiful and interesting race belongs to the rarest ones in the world. According to Mollie Southhall ( a breeder from Great Britain), there are about 15 breeding of Snowshoe cats of America (which is the birth place of the first Snowshoe cats) being associated in various federations like ACA, CFF, ACFA or TICA, abouth 12 in Great Britain, and about 10 in Europe. Certainly, the data is constantly changing.

Snowshoe as the race recognized by an American Cats Association (ACA),only in 1974. More or less at the same time, or precisely in Cats Francies Federation (CFF) introduced Snowshoe as an experimental race, and in September 1982 it gave the Snowshoe race a master status - the Champion Status. Similarly, American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and an American federation called The International Cats Association (TICA) in 1st May 1994. The European Federation of pure-breed called Felis International Federation (FIFe) recognized the race as the last one only on 1st January 2004.

Snowshoe race was brought to Europe through two different breeding lines.

One lines was run the already mentioned Ms Mollie Southall who founded Coldenufforsnow breding. In 1998, she joined an experimential breeding programme of Snowshoe in the United Kingdom. Having few cats as the representatives of the race she was allowed to introduce into the programme cats of similar phenotype to that of Snowshoe. She used Ragdoll, Shorthair British and Siamese (Thai) cats. The races can be found in many pedigree lines of today's Champions.

The second independent breeding line was begun by the Notzig family (Renate and Gunter) from Boxdorf / Dresden, Germany.They brought their first Snowshoe female cat Scarlett from South Pole, Atlanta , the USA, in December 1997. They asked DEKZV eV association for permission to start an experimential breeding using the Saint Birman Cat next to Snowshoe, but they were refused. The Notzig's joined RVDE eV then, and got the permission. They called their breeding " vom Friedewald". Scarlett was crossed with another Snowshoe cat, No-Hei's Cesar (an experimential breeding , too, called No-Hei's) and hence the first Snowshoe cats appeared on the Notzig's farm. In 2001 the family brought from a befriended American breeding called South Pole, the second Snowshoe female cat South Pole Xshu-Xshu.Thus, the Notzigs have become the first breeders of Snowshoe in Europe. Here many thanks to them and warm greetings for the big effort put in the development of these cute and lovely cats.

Today, in all European (and not only) breeding (including that of Mollie Southall's) a great number of all the Champions of the race have in pedigree, names of the cats vom Friedewald of the Notzig's.

Elton vom Friedewald
XShu-Xshu Southpole's

Our first Snowshoe female cat, Scarlett vom Friedewald, comes from their breeding as well. Her father is Elton vom Friedewald (photo) which comes direct from the South Pole Scarlett, and her mother is South Pole Xshu-Xshu (photo). Scarlett vom Friedewald got in her pedigree the majority of ancestors coming from the American line of Snowshoe cats.

Our first male cat, Swissmountain's D'Rhett Butler (seal point white) was brought from the best European breeding of Corinne Gottier from Switzerland. He's got in his pedigree (going to the sixth generation back) all the cats which can be seen on photoes ( apport from Nishna Super Mario). He is direct descendant of the greatest and the most titled ancestors of Snowshoe race. Our MountainMaine's Olivia-Snow (seal point white) was brought from Germany of Petra Friedlich and our SouthPole Ti-amo ( blue point white) and SnowOci's Exuting Eyes ( blue point white) from Holand breeding of Annet Moulenbroek.



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