"...Who once sees the Showshoe cat will never forget it, associating it with "the panda cat" with beautiful blue eyes and unforgettable sparkling glance that plays on your heartstrings..." Krzysztof Zaród

Snowshoe cats, owe their name because of their white markings at the end of their paws. Another name that comes from the USA, the country where the breed comes from, is Silver Laces Cat. Snowshoe cats are created by the crossbreeding from the Siamese cat and the two-coloured and short-haired American cat. They belong to the short-haired cats with soft, smooth, shiny and close to skin fur. They are medium-height cats with strong, massive, muscular but not stocky built after the American cat but at the same time slender, nimble, elongated silhouette and elegant posture typical for the Siamese cat.

The perfect pattern for the colour of the fur is typical for the Siamese seal point, symmetrical spread white markings on the paws (with the difference for the front paws from the first joint, and from the second joint for the back paws), and obtain on the face a white marking in the shape of a turned letter V, symetrically spread from between the eyes to the end of the lower jaw. A bigger amount of the white colour is also acceptable (till the bicolour), both on the paws (all over the front and back paws), on the neck and on the abdomen, as well as on the face including the eyes. In case of show cats, the symmetry of the white spread is very important.

Showshoe, just like Siamese, appear in different variety of colours: the example above seal point (dark brown) as well as chocolate, blue and lilac, and rarely red and cinnamon. Apart from the characteristic colour, Snowshoe appear in the mitted pattern, similar to that of Radgol cats, as well as bicolor (with the majority of the white color, sometimes even to the harlequin pattern.)

Because of the small amount of Snowshoe cat, not acknowledged by the Fanciers Federation in the world, breeding of the American Snowshoe cats with tortie as well as tabby pattern, and so called solids pointed (without the white colour with the Siamese type) are acceptable.

The head of the Showshoe cat is broad and a bit triangular in the shape of a tenon slightly rounded in the edges. At the top the skull is rounded. The forehead is flat, the nose middle-length straight and proportional to the face. The chin is strong, cheekbones highly set. Ears are middle-sized or big, broad on the base and slightly rounded at the tip, set in a way that creates natural extend of the head. Eyes are middle-sized, in the shape of the walnut after the American breed, with blue intensive colour, that Snowshoe took from the Siamese cats. The neck and paws are middle-sized, proportional to the body. Front paws slightly shorter than the back paws. The base of the paws is rounded. The tail is long or middle-length, thick on the base, narrowing to the tip.

Showshoe cats are active, lively and full of energy and temperament, friendly to the environment. They are intelligent, they learn new things from the experience they get form new situations, which is helpful for them when they are trying to trust their new carer. In addition to this, they assimilate very quickly to a new environment and household members. Being in the surroundings with other cats, animals or just household members they react to their individual name. They react not only to gestures but also to short phrases. When you are talking to them you will notice their understanding of your expectations. While you raise them, through repetitions of common phrases with a certain intonation and pace, cats will differentiate and perform those orders while playing (e.g. fetching). They are not lone animals, they are sociable and need a lot of attention and even conversation with a person. They look for the closeness form a person, through patting, cuddling, or they need another animal to play. They know the hierarchy of the new household and on this knowledge they choose their carer. They always want to be first beside him/her at the meal, playing or cat's hygiene. They quickly attach to a person. They are friendly to adults, kids, as well as other animal in a household. Because of those characteristics Snowshoe cats are bred all over the world (also here) as therapy cats for children and adults.



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